Wednesday, February 21, 2018 

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 Structural Steel Detailing


GVS-CORP offers structural steel detailing by a highly experienced staff on both SDS/2 and Tekla Structures.  We provide the highest quality drawings and 3D models to our clients’ standards including all relevant information required for ordering, fabrication and erection.

 Industrial Projects    Water Treatment Plants
 Parking Garages  Nuclear Facilities
 High-Rise and Low-Rise Buildings  Power Stations
 Condominiums  Nuclear Facilities
 Highways  Conveyor Systems
 Bridges  Process Plants
 Airport Terminals   Aircraft Hangers

Detailing Services

  • 3D Modelling

  • Shop Drawings

  • Erection Plans

  • Anchor Bolt Drawings

  • Connection Sketches

  • DSTV Files for Cutting & Drilling

  • DXF Files for Plate work

  • Field Bolt Lists

  • Advance Bill of Material

  • BIM Modelling & Clash Detection

All drawings, material lists and bolt lists are produced automatically from the 3D model together with data for CNC machinery.

Our detailing service includes provision of 3D general arrangements, assembly drawings, advanced bill of materials, anchor bolt layouts, material order lists, member preparation details, fitting sheets, and CNC related information.

Deliverable File Type : Files may delivered in the following file formats:

Plot Files (.plt extensions), PDF Files (.pdf extensions), DWF Files (.dwf extensions), Tiff Files (.tif extensions), Drawing Files (.dwg extensions), DXF Files (.dxf extensions), CNC Files (various types), KISS Files (.kss extensions), DSTV Files..